Tour Stop 2

Tour Stop #2: Interview with my friend and colleague, Tandy Elisala

Listen in to hear a little about my journey and 8 Tips to Turn Down a Heated Situations.

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Tandy Elisala helps womenpreneurs develop their leadership skills so they gain unshakeable confidence in hiring and retaining the right people, have a plan to exceed 7 figures, and ultimately maximize their impact and legacy.  She has studied, researched, taught, written, led, coached and spoken for 30 years in the fields of leadership, management, human resources, business, strategic planning, and life success. She is the #1 international best selling author of 5 books. 

She is a Certified Talent Coach, a Certified Professional Success Coach, a Huff Post contributor and, most importantly, mom to three grown kids, one amazing dog and one sweet cat. She lives in Phoenix, AZ. Connect with Tandy at


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